January 4, 2009


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I’m posting today’s list seperately from that last post about last night- wouldn’t want to run too long, would we?

I’m too darn tired to do much this morning; Simon was up at 1:00 this morning, and he was up in the living room until about 5:00, when he fell asleep on the couch. In the meantime, he asked for a few different movies to be put on, spple juice, toast, “fwends” (stuffed toys)… I think he only had me up 5 times there. Then Ike woke up a few times, too- good times, good times. At least everything’s still looking pretty good after last night.

Today’s To Do:


dishes (as needed)


wipe countertops and sink

stains, spills and smudges


wipe sink and shower after use

hang up towels

wipe counter and floor as needed

Living Room/ Dining Room

sweep floors, spot clean messes

tidy floor and flat surfaces

take baskets to appropriate rooms


make beds (change our bedsheets back to the ones that actually have elastic at the corners!)

laundry in hampers


litter box- quick scoop

food and water for cats



meal and activity planning for next week