January 5, 2009

January 5th, 2009

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Yeah, yesterday wasn’t so productive, but you know what? That’s OK. I was tired, the boys were tired and cranky… at least we managed to get out to buy apple juice, and I didn’t give in to the temptation to get McDonald’s for lunch or supper. I made fettuccine with tomato sauce and shrimp last night- not bad.

I also got birthday cards made for a few more February family birthdays. I enjoy playing with my paper, ribbons, beads and glue sticks, but it’s not easy to do it unless the boyzos are in bed- otherwise I have curious little hands all over my stuff. It’s also a hassle to go downstairs, pick out whatever I think I’ll want to use (I don’t work from patterns or instructions), toss it all in a box, and bring it upstairs… and then haul it all back down when I’m done. This is one of the reasons Ike and Simon were going to be sharing a bedroom- AJ and I need a room for our stuff. The desk, his toys, maybe even the movies… my card-making stuff. I’m working on an area in the basement where I can work, but we’re not down there much right now.

There’s lots to do again today:

Today’s To Do:


dishes (as needed)


wipe countertops and sink

stains, spills and smudges


wipe sink and shower after use

hang up towels

put bath toys away

wipe counter and floor as needed

Living Room/ Dining Room

sweep floors, spot clean messes

tidy floor and flat surfaces

take baskets to appropriate rooms


make beds

laundry in hampers


litter box- quick scoop

food and water for cats





activity planning for this week (at least one planned activity for the boys per day)