Goals Page

I told myself I’d set some actual goals for this part of my life (my job, if you will… I probably won’t) so I could track any progress or improvements I’m making. Coming up with actual goals hasn’t been easy, and I’m sure I’ll be coming back to this page to change and/or refine things in the next little while. This is the master list; I’ll set smaller, more specific goals as I go along.


This is one of the big two things that I’ve always associated with “home-ec” (the other being cooking), so I’ll start here. As far as the point which I’m starting from, the last few years have been rough on this front. Work, pregnancy, baby, pregnancy + toddler, baby + toddler + moving… I was tired, and the house was often a mess. I’ve been bad about letting dishes pile up, letting the vacuuming go for too long, and letting untidiness get out of hand. I’m good about things like cleaning the bathroom and getting the litter box cleaned out, but other stuff just sort of gets away from me.

GOAL: have a clean, organized and tidy house most of the time; clean enough that AJ doesn’t get stressed out about it and I’m not afraid of people dropping by unexpectedly.


Big issue- we haven’t had much money in the past, which has left us with debts to pay back and not much experience with actually having money for savings and investing.

GOAL: have a comprehensive budget and stick to it; include savings and debt repayment in budget; set up RRSPs, RESPs, HIJKLMNOPs, etc.; spend less than we earn.



Yipes. I’m not so much of a good cook- thank God I have a husband who doesn’t complain. Things get expensive when I don’t have something planned and we end up getting fast food, so…

GOAL: Prepare weekly menus before going grocery shopping, and stick to the freakin’ list; prepare healthy, balanced meals as often as possible.


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