January 12, 2009

January… Ummm… Monday?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:48 am by allisonwonder

I’ve lost track of the date- one of the dangers of “not working”.

That said, I’ve got a lot of work to do.  AJ’s in the middle of a few days off, so in theory I should be able to get more done, but between going to the big city one day (she said with just a touch of sarcasm) and having a migraine yesterday (though I still managed to clean the main bathroom), I’m a bit behind.

Today’s laundry day. Judging by the full hampers in all of the bedrooms, we’re looking at at least 4 loads; once I add in whatever’s scattered around the house, it’ll probably be more.

The fridge needs to be cleaned out. Something’s rotten in the state of Kenmore, and it don’t smell great in there. Tomorrow’s garbage day, so now’s actually a good time to get that done. That also means I need to get the garbage together and the recycling sorted- I forgot about it last week, so the recycling has overflowed its boxes and has turned into quite a pile (which Hurricane Ike delights in knocking over).

What else… we need groceries, so I guess that’s on the agenda, too. I did meal planning for the week last night, so at least I don’t have THAT to worry about… That might be it, aside from the regular tidying of living areas, washing of dishes, wiping of counters  and sweeping of floors. Oh, and emptying of litter box- definitely can’s forget to do THAT before the garbage goes out!  Eeeeew.


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