January 3, 2009

January 3, 2009

Posted in cleaning, daily to do lists at 2:05 pm by allisonwonder

Oooh- it’s my brother’s birthday! I guess I should call him or something.

We’re having company for supper tonight- AJ’s trainer will be over when they’re done work. I was going to make this really yummy slow-cooker roast chicken I have a recipe for, but I realized at 9:00 that it takes 10 hours to cook, so it should’ve been in by 8 at the latest. No problem- I’ll make this instead.

In spite of the fact that I cleaned the house yesterday, it needs to be done again. I’m NOT washing the floors again, even if they are all smudged up. I’d like to try to get Simon to help tidy up, but really, that would take more time than just doing it myself.

Speaking of doing stuff with the kids, I think that’s my New Year’s resolutio- to spend more time focusing on the kids. There’s always something else I could or “should” be doing, and I have trouble focusing on any one thing for more than a few minutes at a time, but I’m going to do my best to let go of my natural multi-tasking ways when it’s play time and just focus on the boys. It’s something that AJ’s naturally very good at- he jokes that it’s because he’s just a big kid anyway. I say he’s just a good dad.

So, here’s today’s list:



dishes (as needed)


wipe countertops and sink

stains, spills and smudges



wipe sink and shower after use

hang up towels

put bath toys away

wipe counter and floor as needed

clean toilets, mirrors, tub


Living Room/ Dining Room

sweep floors, spot clean messes

tidy floor and flat surfaces

take baskets to appropriate rooms

change tablecloth, set table



make beds

laundry in hampers




litter box-full scoop

food and water for cats


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