January 1, 2009

Ikezilla Strikes Again

Posted in cleaning, daily to do lists, food at 11:57 am by allisonwonder

Is it possible for a child to be hardwired for destruction and mess-making? If so, Isaac is practically a prodigy. He likes to follow me around the house, un-tidying as he goes, unrolling the toilet paper, knocking over garbage cand, and unloading the recycling all over the kitchen floor. If there’s food left out anywhere, it’s a safe bet that he’ll not only find it, but that he’ll manage to spread it over the floor in at least a 3-foot radius all around his cute little self.

dsc07800 I can actually see me being able to stay on top of everything here if I didn’t have these little people around. Heck, I’d have more than enough time to get everything done… I’d probably even be able to cook a nice meal every night and even get the exercise I so desperately need… but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Speaking of messes, we’re getting a heck of a lot of snow dumped on us right now. This would be very exciting, I’m sure, if I liked snow, but it’s really just making me want to hibernate.

*     *     *

On to today… the house is looking good right now- we’ll see how long that lasts. I might have time to bake that banana bread.  A nap is actually higher on my list of priorities, but seems highly unlikely. I still don’t know if we’re having company for supper or not…



dishes (as needed)


wipe countertops and sink

stains, spills and smudges



wipe sink and shower after use

hang up towels

put bath toys away

wipe counter and floor as needed


Living Room/ Dining Room

sweep floors, spot clean messes

tidy floor and flat surfaces

take baskets to appropriate rooms



make beds


laundry in hampers



tidy toys and craft area after use

litter box- quick scoop

food and water for cats



cook supper    (quiche)

thank-you card (see yesterday)


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