December 31, 2008

Wednesday, December 31- Daily to Do List, Plus Yesterday’s Pics

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Ugh- this computer is unbelievably sluggish today. Don’t get me wrong, I know the feeling, but I had a migraine yesterday- what’s your excuse, NetVista?

Speaking of yesterday, here are the before, during and after photos of my grout cleaning job (I know, the lighting stinks, but you get the idea):








dsc07799 < baking sodadsc07797<after

Can you see a difference? Some of the darkest spots are gone, but that’s about it. we’ll try again next week.

As for that Method Daily Shower spray there… it’s OK. I like it a lot better than spraying nasty, less-natural chemicals into the bathroom air, but it smells a bit like hairspray. Tigger, however, LOVES the stuff- they’re practicallya couple:


OK, on to today’s list:



dishes (as needed)


wipe countertops and sink

stains, spills and smudges

clean microwave

clean out fridge

wipe down appliances

tidy cupboards



wipe sink and shower after use

hang up towels

put bath toys away

wipe counter and floor as needed

wash towels


Living Room/ Dining Room

sweep floors, spot clean messes

tidy floor and flat surfaces

take baskets to appropriate rooms



make beds


laundry in hampers

change bedding



tidy toys and craft area after use – didn’t use- still a mess

litter box- quick scoop

food and water for cats

finish laundry


write thank-you note to the nice couple from the in-laws’ church who gave us a Christmas present

walk to post office- –  nope- had AJ go instead 🙂

make mom’s birthday card

put Christmas boxes in basement

*also planted bulbs in a pot (narcissus) to grow indoors, vacuumed the couch and washed the kitchen floor. We might have company tomorrow night, so I want to have as much done now as I can.*


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