December 10, 2008

The Care and Feeding of Uniforms

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So my AJ was working late the other night, mhich usually means he’s home around 1 a.m. and then on call after that. Right after he got in, though, he had to go back out- some idiots had got their car stuck in a neighbour’s lawn while they were driving on it in the snow as a joke… don’t ask.

Long story short(er), AJ came in cold, wet, and with mud splashed all over his pants. His work pants. The ones it’s best to have dry-cleaned, but which I’ve been washing at home. Crap.

I have enough trouble with his uniforms when it’s just regular dirt and not lawn slime. Everything goes in the washing machine on the gentle cycle; the pants get hung up to dry, and the shirts go in the dryer, low heat. It’s just the damned creases that are a problem.

I’ve pretty much gotten through my adult life thus far without having to do any significant ironing. I’ve never had any disasters (fire, flood, melted polyester, plagues of locusts and/or frogs), but I’m far from comfortable with the process.

So… the pants have to hang to dry, so they get folded along the creases, hung over a hanger and left to dry in the bathroom (since the laundry area may or may not smell like cat poo at any given time). They end up having little bits of ambient cat hair stuck to them before they’re dry (and often before they’re hung up), but it’s what I’ve figured out so far. The shirts need to be ironed, though- those sleeves need to look nice and crisp, don’t you know!  I haven’t had any problems with that so far… except for finding time to do it when I don’t have two enthusiastic, would-be helpers trying to grab the iron. That and the fact that our mini-ironing board sits about 10 cm off the floor, which brings the friggin’ cat hair back into the picture. And crumbs. And occasionally play-doh, if I’m not careful. But at least I only have to worry about the sleeves and collar- the rest of him’s covered in body-armour, which I’m reasonably sure does NOT have to be ironed. Ever.

AJ happened to mention one night that I might need to starch the shirts sometimes. ‘Cause, you know, I’ve done THAT before. Time for a trip to Home Ec 101? I think so!

But this mud, I just don’t know. The game plan right now is to let it dry, brush off as much as I can, and wash, hoping for the best. Any thoughts?


EDIT: Well, well, well… At least I know how to do collars properly, now!


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  1. Heather said,

    I linked to our mud removal post in my name. I hope that helps you out.

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