November 30, 2008

Not On This Week’s Menu

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:02 pm by allisonwonder

This week’s menu planning is a bit awkward. We went out and bought a range (stove) yesterday (the first big, new appliance or furniture we’ve ever bought), which is exciting, but I don’t know exactly when it’s going to be delivered. This means I might be able to use the stovetop or oven every day, but I need to be prepared in case it doesn’t get here until Friday. We have a fridge now, so I can stock up a bit more on various ingredients, but I also can’t spend a huge amount on groceries, as buying said fridge (second-hand) and stove has left our bank balance lower than it was, to say the least. Not an emergency, but not time to fill the freezer, either.

So here I am, trying to be all responsible and find meal ideas that don’t rely entirely on convenience foods. I’ve found a few good websites for recipes, which are probably old news to most of you, but I haven’t used them before- Kraft Canada lets you create a ‘recipe box’ of stuff you like or want to try; so does The latter has a big section of slow cooker recipes, many of them submitted by real people (ie not professional cooks). I’ve found a few I’d like to try…

…and then there’s this one, for Slow Cooked Squirrel. I just don’t see this one coming up on the menu around here. Not that there’s anything WRONG with it, of course, but it struck me as being really funny that not only is there a recipe for Slow Cooked Squirrel, but that it’s one of the Top 20 Slow-Cooker Recipes on the site.

Has anyone tried squirrel, either slow cooked or otherwise? Is it really that good? Any thoughts from those who accuse squirrels of being rats with furry coats and good PR? Tell meeeeee.


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