November 25, 2008

Catching Up (long entry… sorry!)

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It’s amazing how hard it is to go a week without internet access. No e-mail, no favourite blogs, no messenger… talk about feeling cut off from the world! That said, having a week without those distractions following a move to a new house meant I got a lot more unpacking done than I might have otherwise.

Here’s where we stand right now: I’ve got almost all of the boxes that were upstairs unpacked. The boxes that are in the basement have all been opened, though there’s a lot of stuff down there that still needs to be unpacked- or not, depending on whether we need it or not. I’m just as happy to have fewer things around at this point; We’re not used to having free space in our home, and I’m in no rush to fill it up.

The big problem right now on the home-ec front is the fact that this house, which we’re renting, didn’t come with appliances. Does that seem odd to anyone else, or have we just been lucky in the past? We were fortunate enough to get a washer and dryer from AJ’s sister, and we already had a microwave and slow cooker, but right now we’ve got a toaster oven instead of a stove/oven and a mini-fridge keeping the bare necessities of perishables cold- milk, cheese, butter, apple juice, lunch meat and yogurt. AJ found a used fridge, but we need to borrow a truck (and some strong arms) to pick it up… I guess we’ll be stove shopping on his next day off. This is making meal planning and grocery shopping rather difficult at the moment!

Housekeeping is actually going pretty well so far- a clean slate is always nice, even if it’s covered in boxes. I’ve managed to not let the dishes pile up for a whole week now- definitely a record for me. Actually, I don’t even mind doing them right now, because we have a nice window above the sink I can look out of; a few days ago I saw a doe (a deer- a female deer!) wander across the front lawn, cross the street and disappear into the woods. So exciting! We’ve got hardwood and laminate flooring through most of the house, and I’ve been sweeping several times a day. Not having a booster seat for Isaac (9 mos) to use to sit at the table means he eats his meals off the floor (in a bowl, people, in a bowl), which leaves crumbs, scraps and bits of food everywhere. Come to think of it, Ike leaves a trail of destruction pretty much everywhere he goes these days…

We have one rug, donated to us by AJ’s aunt and uncle. It seems that our vacuum cleaner (along with our dish rack, cooking pots and other minor things) has gone missing. I didn’t really want to buy a new one just for a few square metres of space, so I was quite excited when I found a small upright vacuum cleaner in the basement… but it didn’t work. The power went on, but it wasn’t sucking anything up. So:

Step 1: Empty the canister. Eeeeew! I didn’t look too closely at the contents, but if I’d had a camera, I totally would’ve taken pictures to post here. Still nuthin’.

Step 2: cleaning the filter. This thing was so clogged I could hardly tell it was supposed to have ridges. I banged it into the trash, picked the solidified crud out of the crevices with a pancil crayon (proper tool use not being a strength of mine) and washed it under warm running water. That sucker (or not, as the case may be) had to dry for 24 hours befor I could test again, but then: still nuthin’.

Step 3:the rolly bar thinger. You know, the bit with the bristles. I got the scissors and cut layers of hair and miscellaneous fibres off of there, and then tried again. The rolly bar thing turned freely, but I wasn’t feeling a whole lot of suckin’ going on down at the bottom.

Step 4: Disassemble! Not entirely, of course, but I pulled the hose out, separated the top and bottom bits, and generally poked and prodded and looked for blockages. I didn’t find anything, but when I put it all back together- SUCCESS! Now I have a vacuum cleaner that totally sucks, instead of one that… totally… sucks… you know what I mean.

I think we’re caught up, now.


-clean bathrooms (toilets, bathtub, sinks, counters, floors, mirrors)

– walk to post office with the boys- it’s cold, but a nice, clear day here today. I need to buy stamps for Christmas cards and get a little package sent to AJ’s parents.

– Stop at grocery store* and get what I need to make supper tonight- I’m going to try to make chicken soup in the slow-cooker, which means I need to get to the store before lunchtime.

– start debt assessment for budget planning. Painful, but necessary. We’re not as far in debt as a lot of people are, but there are credit cards to pay off, the car, and money owed to family members for various things. I’ll probably think of more, too, dammit. Taxes, student loans… Aaaargh!


* The grocery store here in town is fine for little things, but a thorough shopping trip (especially if produce is involved) requires a 30 minute drive. Obviously careful meal planning and grocery list making will be important so I don’t have to go too often!



  1. Glad to ehar you’re getting settled. But you really don’t need a truck to pick up a refrigerator- just try this:

    Easy peasy.

  2. allisonwonder said,

    Daaaamn… why didn’t I think of that?!!

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